DAAN PRELEGAL is part of DAAN LEGAL, a close-knit team of legal experts and consultants in the field of employment law and corporate law.

With DAAN PRELEGAL, we help organisations and companies to anticipate and be ahead of legal problems. After all, the best processes and discussions rarely take place in court.
Our advice is therefore: only litigate if there is no other option. We are happy to share our legal knowledge and expertise to ensure that you achieve your goals, with solutions that work for all parties involved. Sometimes that means solving puzzles, sometimes it means playing chess. But we love it!


Although going to court is always possible, it is often better for all concerned to avoid a court case. We are convinced that good mediation will result in better, more sustainable solutions. For both parties. Our mediation focuses on bringing to the surface the underlying motivations of each party. This creates a better mutual understanding and gets stagnant situations and relationships moving.

Boardroom Counseling Expertise

Whether you are developing a new strategy, preparing a merger, considering a takeover or exploring a new organisational form: almost all decisions in the boardroom touch upon employment and corporate law. It is, therefore, always advisable to involve DAAN at an early stage. DAAN helps you to anticipate and be ahead of legal problems.

HR counseling

HR departments play a crucial strategic role in reorganisations and performance issues.

With our knowledge of corporate law and employment law, we can help make these processes – which are often complicated enough in themselves – run as smoothly as possible.